Waterjet Abrasive Removal System

Jet Edge's Abrasive Removal Systems are available in many sizes.

Michael Waltrip Racing's High Rail Gantry waterjet system features a full waterjet filtration system, including abrasive removal, closed-loop filtration and a chiller.

Jet Edge's Waterjet Abrasive Removal Systems continuously remove spent garnet abrasive from the catch tank, reducing waterjet system downtime and catch tank maintenance.
Sweeper nozzles installed in the waterjet tank push the suspended garnet toward pump suction. Garnet is removed by a centrifugal separator which is fed by a heavy duty sealless pump. A self-dumping hopper receives the sludge and the clean water is returned to the catch tank via the sweeper nozzles. The Abrasive Removal System reduces waterjet machine downtime and eliminates catch tank maintenance.
System Benefits
• Maximizes Productivity
• Eliminates Downtime for Waterjet Catch Tank Cleaning
• Waste Disposal Program Available
• Reduces the Possibility of Thermal Distortion
• Reduces Closed Loop Consumable Costs
• Full One-Year Warranty on Pump

Jet Edge's Waterjet Abrasive Removal Systems are frequently used in conjunction with a Closed Loop Filtration System and In-Line Chiller.


System Specifications

Model                         Dimensions    Voltage                      Flow Rate     Designed PSI@Flow          Full Load Amp           Suction           Discharge
GRS-0150B-CC       6’LX4’W            220V/460V 3PH       70GPM          40PSI                                      14.5/8.0                       2”                     1.5”
GRS-0200B-CC       3’LX2’W            220V/460V 3PH       100GPM        40PSI                                      22.6/12.3                    3”                      2”
GRS-0250B-CC       10’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       150GPM        40PSI                                      27/14.5                       3”                      2”
GRS-0302B-CC       11’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       290GPM        40PSI                                      14.5/27                       3”                      3”
GRS-0303B-CC       12’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       290GPM        40PSI                                      42/22                          4”                      3”
GRS-0402B-CC       12’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       450GPM        40PSI                                      54/28                          4”                      4”
GRS-0502B-CC       14’LX5’W          220V/460V 3PH       600GPM        40PSI                                      78/40                          6”                      6”

Pump/Motor Specifications

Model                           HP            RPM                  FLA                                          Suction Pipe Size              Discharge Pipe Size
GRS-0150B-CC         5              1800                   12.96/6.48(220/460)              2”                                         1.5”
GRS-0200B-CC         7.5           1800                   19.09/9.53 (220/460)             3”                                         2”
GRS-0250B-CC         10            1800                   25.6/12.8 (220/460)               3”                                         2”
GRS-0302B-CC         10            1800                   25.6/12.8 (220/460)               3”                                         3”
GRS-0303B-CC         15            1800                   35.8/17.9 (220/460)               4”                                         3”
GRS-0402B-CC         20            1800                  24.4 (460)                                4”                                         3”
GRS-0502B-CC         30            1800                  34.4 (460)                                 6”                                        4”

Separator Specifications

Model                        Inlet/Outlet Size                Purge Size
SMP-45                     1”                                          3/4”
SDS-0200-B             2”                                         1.5”
SDS-0250-B             2”                                         1.5”
SDS-0302-B             3”                                         1.5”
SDS-0303-B             3”                                         1.5”
SDS-0402-B             4”                                          2”
SDS-0502-B             6”                                          2”

Suction Basket

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Housing for Pump Protection. Internal Stainless Steel Removable Basket with twist tabs to hold basket in place.

Sweeper Package

The Sweeper Package incorporates a 4 to 1 eductor, which enhances water flow and keeps garnet in suspension, pushing it toward the pump suction.

Abrasive Receiver Options

The Abrasive Removal System comes with a choice of three abrasive receivers: a 55 Gallon Drum, Self-Dumping Hopper or Abrasive Bag Hopper.
Specifications subject to change.
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