Waterjet Abrasive Removal System

Jet Edge's Abrasive Removal Systems are available in many sizes.

Michael Waltrip Racing's High Rail Gantry waterjet system features a full waterjet filtration system, including abrasive removal, closed-loop filtration and a chiller.

Jet Edge’s Abrasive Removal System reduces downtime and catch tank maintenance, making your application a cut above the rest. The system removes spent garnet abrasive and the self-dumping hopper receives the sludge so the clean water can be returned to the catch tank. No more manually removing abrasive from your tank—let a Jet Edge Abrasive Removal System do the work.

  • Maximizes productivity: reduces system downtime for catch tank cleaning
  • Reduces possible thermal distortion
  • Includes configurable receive options to suit factory footprint
  • System can be retrofitted to any waterjet cutting machine tool
System Benefits
• Maximizes Productivity
• Eliminates Downtime for Waterjet Catch Tank Cleaning
• Waste Disposal Program Available
• Reduces the Possibility of Thermal Distortion
• Reduces Closed Loop Consumable Costs
• Full One-Year Warranty on Pump

Jet Edge's Waterjet Abrasive Removal Systems are frequently used in conjunction with a Closed Loop Filtration System and In-Line Chiller.


System Specifications

Model                         Dimensions    Voltage                      Flow Rate     Designed PSI@Flow          Full Load Amp           Suction           Discharge
GRS-0150B-CC       6’LX4’W            220V/460V 3PH       70GPM          40PSI                                      14.5/8.0                       2”                     1.5”
GRS-0200B-CC       3’LX2’W            220V/460V 3PH       100GPM        40PSI                                      22.6/12.3                    3”                      2”
GRS-0250B-CC       10’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       150GPM        40PSI                                      27/14.5                       3”                      2”
GRS-0302B-CC       11’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       290GPM        40PSI                                      14.5/27                       3”                      3”
GRS-0303B-CC       12’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       290GPM        40PSI                                      42/22                          4”                      3”
GRS-0402B-CC       12’LX4’W          220V/460V 3PH       450GPM        40PSI                                      54/28                          4”                      4”
GRS-0502B-CC       14’LX5’W          220V/460V 3PH       600GPM        40PSI                                      78/40                          6”                      6”

Pump/Motor Specifications

Model                           HP            RPM                  FLA                                          Suction Pipe Size              Discharge Pipe Size
GRS-0150B-CC         5              1800                   12.96/6.48(220/460)              2”                                         1.5”
GRS-0200B-CC         7.5           1800                   19.09/9.53 (220/460)             3”                                         2”
GRS-0250B-CC         10            1800                   25.6/12.8 (220/460)               3”                                         2”
GRS-0302B-CC         10            1800                   25.6/12.8 (220/460)               3”                                         3”
GRS-0303B-CC         15            1800                   35.8/17.9 (220/460)               4”                                         3”
GRS-0402B-CC         20            1800                  24.4 (460)                                4”                                         3”
GRS-0502B-CC         30            1800                  34.4 (460)                                 6”                                        4”

Separator Specifications

Model                        Inlet/Outlet Size                Purge Size
SMP-45                     1”                                          3/4”
SDS-0200-B             2”                                         1.5”
SDS-0250-B             2”                                         1.5”
SDS-0302-B             3”                                         1.5”
SDS-0303-B             3”                                         1.5”
SDS-0402-B             4”                                          2”
SDS-0502-B             6”                                          2”

Suction Basket

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Housing for Pump Protection. Internal Stainless Steel Removable Basket with twist tabs to hold basket in place.

Sweeper Package

The Sweeper Package incorporates a 4 to 1 eductor, which enhances water flow and keeps garnet in suspension, pushing it toward the pump suction.

Abrasive Receiver Options

The Abrasive Removal System comes with a choice of three abrasive receivers: a 55 Gallon Drum, Self-Dumping Hopper or Abrasive Bag Hopper.
Specifications subject to change.
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