Permalign® II Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head

The Permalign® II-B Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head combined with the OmniJet Waterjet Cutting Head achieves ultimate performance and reliability for abrasivejet cutting. This patented design reduces the number of components, minimizing overall maintenance and operational costs. The Permalign® entrains dry abrasive into the high velocity waterjet stream within the mixing chamber. The resulting mixture exits through the nozzle as a high velocity, coherent abrasivejet stream capable of water jet cutting any material.
The Permalign® Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head, when used with the OmniJet, is rated for pressures up to 60,000 psi, orifice sizes ranging from .003 to .020 inches, and nozzle sizes from .020 to .065 inches ID. This flexibility in range allows handling of small intricate cuts as well as thick cuts requiring higher abrasive and water flow rates. Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles constructed of either extended-life composite carbide or tungsten carbide are available.

Consistent Alignment

The design of the Permalign® Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head ensures consistent alignment of the waterjet stream and abrasive nozzle without additional adjustments. The fixed location of the orifice and nozzle provides a consistent tool center point for the cutting stream. This is achieved by the flange-style orifice assembly mounted securely in the body and the split-tapered thread holding the nozzle in position.

Superior Performance

Orifice and nozzle replacement requires no additional adjustments and provides for superior stream alignment. The Permalign® Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head along with the OmniJet offers a lightweight, compact and versatile solution to your abrasive water jet cutting needs.


The Permalign®II is used in conjunction with the OmniJet Cutting Head, waterjet motion system and waterjet pump.

  • Length 10 in-16.5 in
  • Weight 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
  • Operating air pressure minimum 60 psi (4 bar)
  • Water pressure maximum 60,000 psi (4100 bar)
  • Orifice range .003 ~ .020 in. (.08 ~ .51 mm)
  • Nozzle range .020 ~ .065 in. (.51 ~ 1.65 mm)
  • Maximum flow rate  2.1 gpm
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