OmniJet xP Waterjet Cutting Head- 85KSI

The OmniJet xP Waterjet Cutting Head creates a coherent waterjet cutting stream and provides responsive on/off control for the UHP water. Its lightweight and compact size offers versatility in multi-directional cutting applications with all motion control systems. Cutting performance, size, component service life and ease of maintenance make this the superior cutting tool for all waterjet cutting applications.
The OmniJet xP is designed and tested for pressures up to 85,000 psi (5,900 bar) and orifice sizes ranging from 0.003-0.045 in (0.07621.14 mm). The waterjet cutting head has a fail-safe valve design requiring air pressure to open. Water flow to the orifice is regulated by the needle and seat. For water jet cutting, the orifices are premounted in a set-screw style retainer making them easy to change with an Allen wrench. Consistent stream coherency is achieved by stabilizing the water prior to entering the orifice.

The OmniJet xP water jet cutting head has been rigorously tested under high-duty cycle conditions. A unique seal and needle arrangement provides long life for all components, including the orifice. The modular design makes replacing parts a quick and simple procedure.



The OmniJet xP can also be configured to accomplish custom-cutting arrangements. Longer orifice mounts are available for cutting hard-to-reach areas. The OmniJet xP also is designed for abrasivejet applications with the addition of the Permalign® xP 85KSI cutting head.


  • Length 10.25 in (260 mm)
  • Diameter at top 3.4 in (86 mm)
  • Weight 3.25 lbs (1.5 kg)
  • Operating air pressure minimum 80-90 psi (5.5–6 bar)
  • Water pressure maximum 85,000 psi (5,900 bar)
  • Orifice range 0.003–0.045 in
  • Extended Orifice Mount Lengths
  • Permalign xP Abrasive Cutting Head
  • Various Mounting Arrangements
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