In-Line Water Jet Chiller

The High Rail Gantry waterjet system at Michael Waltrip Racing features a full waterjet filtration package, including a Closed Loop Waterjet Filtration System, Abrasive Removal System and In-Line Waterjet Chiller.

A Jet Edge water jet pump with In-Line Chiller and Closed Loop Filtration System.

The In-Line Chiller cools the waterjet pump hydraulics and waterjet cutting water (when used in combination with a Closed Loop Filtration System), significantly reducing water use and prolonging the life of waterjet pump components, including high pressure seals. The In-Line Chiller also prevents waterjet pump cooling water from being lost down the drain, and keeps the water jet catch tank water significantly cooler, reducing water loss within the closed-loop filtration system due to evaporation.


The In-Line Chiller utilizes a durable welded hermetic-scrolled compressor and features industrial type electrical in a Nema 12 panel. The waterjet chiller is equipped with digital temperature controller. Models include a vertical air discharge which minimizes worker discomfort, reduces floor space requirements, and improves the ease of ducting air flow. Removable/cleanable filters on the air intake are standard.


The In-Line Chiller is normally used in conjunction with a Closed Loop Filtration System, a Jet Edge waterjet pump and Jet Edge waterjet motion system.


System Features & Benefits
  • Nickel brazed heat exchanger designed to handle close approach temperatures with efficient and reliable evaporation.
  • Electrical configurations for 230 volt single phase and 460 volt three phase operations.
  • Controls include low flow switch to prevent evaporator freeze up.
  • Wiring will be of liquid tite or sjo cord.
  • Refrigeration circuit includes service valves, high side filter drier, thermostatic expansion valve liquid line sight valve, high and low refrigeration charge.
  • Chiller controls complete with digital temperature controller, high and low side refrigeration switches and coolant flow switch.

See PDF Product Specifications for additional details and chiller models.

Specifications subject to change.

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