High Pressure Pump Chiller

Jet Edge’s High Pressure Pump Chillers are the perfect match to your high-pressure intensifier pump. The chiller cools the hydraulics of the pump while the closed loop system continuously chills and recycles the water without discharging to the drain. The cooler water temperature improves pump performance and maximizes seal life. The range of units allows you to select the right chiller size for your pump and environment.

  • Available in 36,000-240,000 BTU
  • Up to 60 gallons per minute flow rate at 35 PSI
  • High-efficiency 3-phase electric motor
  • Manual bypass
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Cleanable air filters

Closed Loop Chillers reduce water consumption and sewage costs by recycling the water required to cool waterjet intensifier pump hydraulics.  

Cooling the water also maximizes waterjet pump seal life.

Specifications subject to change.


Jet Edge's Closed Loop Chillers can be used with any Jet Edge waterjet pump and waterjet motion system.  

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