Closed Loop Filtration System

Michael Waltrip Racing's High Rail Gantry system features a complete waterjet filtration system, including closed loop filtration, in-line chiller and abrasive removal.

JACQUET Metals protects their many Jet Edge waterjet systems with Closed Loop Filtration Systems and In-Line Chillers.

Jet Edge's eco-friendly Closed Loop Filtration System filters and recycles water.  This reduces water and sewage costs, prevents the introduction of hazardous materials into drainage systems, and eliminates the need for a drain. The Closed Loop Filtration System also protects the waterjet pump and maximizes waterjet orifice life.


The Closed Loop Filtration System is designed to close the drain by filltering overflow water from the waterjet table down through a bag filter, polishing off the water with the Ebbco Hurricane Filter Cartridge and removing dissolved solids with an Ebbco DI Resin Vessel. The clean water is then returned to the waterjet pump at the pump’s proper specication.
System Benefits
  • Closes the drain
  • Drastically reduces water consumption
  • Treats make-up water to OEM specification
  • Maximizes pump performance
  • Maximizes orifice/mixing tube life
  • ISO 14001 mandatory system
  • Reduces the need for make-up water

A Closed Loop Filtration System is normally used in conjunction with an In-Line Chiller, Jet Edge motion system and waterjet pump.


Filter Pump Specifications

Model       HP       Impellar       Enclosure
CLS-141  1          5 3/16           TEFC
CLS-138 1.5        5 3/16           TEFC

Flush Pump Specifications

Model            HP        Enclosure
CLS-141       1            TEFC
CLS-138       1            TEFC

System Specifications

Model             Dimensions       Voltage                Recirculatory Rates      Designed PSI @Flow       Full Load Amp
CLS-141        66”LX36“W         220V/460V          3PH Up to 2GPM             40PSI                                   10/5
CLS-138        66”LX36“W         220V/460V          3PH Up to 4GPM             40PSI                                   20/10

Bag Vessel Specifications

Model                   Bag Vessel Model         Quantity        Construction             Inlet/Outlet Size           Replacement Bag
CLS-141              SLBV-0833-BC               1                     Stainless Steel          3/4”                                 CLS-1-G2PS-EA
CLS-138              SLBV-0833-BC               2                     Stainless Steel          3/4”                                 CLS-1-G2PS-EA

Filter Vessel Specifications

Model                   Filter Vessel Model         Quantity       Construction            Inlet/Outlet Size           Replacement Cartridge
CLS-141              HRF-155-LP                      1                    Stainless Steel         1“                                     HR-930-Q.35
CLS-138              HRF-155-LP                      2                    Stainless Steel         1”                                     HR-930-Q.35

DI Resin Vessel Specifications

Model                   Vessel Model                  Quantity         Construction           Inlet/Outlet Size             Replacement Bag
CLS-141              CLS-DI-1                          1                      Stainless Steel        1/2“                                   CLSR-100-PKG
CLS-138              CLS-DI-1                          2                      Stainless Steel        1/2”                                   CLSR-100-PKG


Tank Specifications

Size                                     Capacity                     Construction
0”LX36”WX30”H               150 Gallons                Stainless Steel
Specifications subject to change.