Abrasive Hopper

Dense Phase Hoppers are typically used with Jet Edge's precision waterjet cutting systems. Their large capacity makes them ideal for industrial use.

The Dense Phase Hopper is available in a wide range of capacities, from 440 lb (180 kg) to 6000 lb (2220 kg).

Jet Edge’s Dense Phase Hopper Abrasive Delivery System is the most common system used in a factory environment and is essential in achieving reliable cutting results. The hopper is suited for single or multiple-head cutting and uses an even distribution of abrasive flow. The system will provide hours of uninterrupted work, giving your application the edge it needs.
  • Provides even and accurate delivery of abrasive
  • Suited for single or multiple-head cutting
  • Large capacity is ideal for industrial lights-out cutting use
  • Main hopper delivery rates .25-30 lbs./min


Using compressed air, the Dense Phase Hopper creates an even distribution of abrasive flow that is essential to achieve reliable abrasive waterjet cutting results. Its large storage capacity supports hours of uninterrupted abrasivejet cutting.
The Dense Phase Hopper can supply abrasive to single or multiple abrasive waterjets.  Each cutting head can be individually controlled to achieve its predetermined abrasive flow rate through the use of a secondary hopper (also known as a mini hopper). The secondary hopper has a pneumatically actuated slide gate that provides accurate metering and reliable on/off control of the abrasive. This metering system consists of a dial wheel with various holes that can easily be changed to achieve the desired flow rate of abrasive to the cutting head.

The Dense Phase Hopper requires a customer-supplied air compressor for operation.  Input Flow 80–90 psi (5.5–6.2 bar), 11 cfm (0.311 m3/m) minimum.


Air supply

Input : 80–90 psi (5.5–6.2 bar)
Flow: 11 cfm (0.311 m3/m) minimum
Electrical power
Basic controls
115 V(ac)
Advanced controls
24 V(dc)


Delivery rate
main hopper*: 0.25–30 lb/m (0.11–13.6 kg/m)
mini hopper: 0.25–1.8 lb/m (0.11–0.8 kg/m) nominal, 3.5 lb/m (1.6 kg/m) maximum†
Media size: 30–200 mesh 
Capacity (approximate):
3.5 Cubic Foot 400 lb (180 kg)
6.5 Cubic Foot 800 lb (360 kg)
20 Cubic Foot 2500 lb (1130 kg)
35 Cubic Foot 4000 lb (1900 kg)
50 Cubic Foot 6000 lb (2220 kg)
Mini hopper: 9.4 in3 (154 mL) 0.82 lb (0.37 kg)
Large Capacity: 22 in3 (360 mL) 1.9 lb (0.86 kg)


(Length, Width, Depth)
3.5 Cubic Foot 42 x 24 x 24 in (1070 x 610 x 610 mm)
6.5 Cubic Foot 48 x 30 x 34 in (1220 x 765 x 865 mm)
20 Cubic Foot  60 x 36 x 46 in (1525 x 915 x 1170 mm)
35 Cubic Foot  85 x 38 x 46 in (2160 x 965 x 1170 mm)
35 Cubic Foot  86 x 49 x 62 in (2160 x 965 x 1170 mm)
Mini Hopper 11 x 6 x 3.5 in (280 x 155 x 90 mm)‡


Approximate, empty

3.5 Cubic Foot  235 lb (110 kg)
6.5 Cubic Foot  340 lb (155 kg)
20 Cubic Foot   785 lb (360 kg)
35 Cubic Foot   1020 lb (465 kg)
50 Cubic Foot   1100 lb (500 kg)
* Main hopper can supply up to four mini hoppers.
approximate values
† Requires high flow equipment.
‡ Allow extra height for the abrasive tubing that connects to the top of the mini hopper.
Specifications subject to change.