Ultra Deckblaster

Jet Edge's Ultra Deckblaster quickly blasts away rubber from airport runways.

The Ultra Deckblaster is an eco-friendly and fast alternative for removing old coatings and corrosion from ship decks. It can attached to a vacuum system.

The Ultra Deckblaster makes quick work out of cleaning parking garage floors.

The Ultra Deckblaster quickly cleans concrete forms.

Fulton Hogan's Watercutters use Jet Edge Ultra Deckblasters and iP36-250 pumps for road surface rehabilitation in Australia and New Zealand.

Jet Edge’s Ultra Deckblaster is a walk-behind ultra-high pressure waterjet system for surface preparation, coating removal, and light scarification on flat surfaces such as concrete floors and steel decks.

Typical applications include removal of polyurethane paint or nonskid coatings from factory floors, ship decks, paint booths, and parking ramps. The Ultra Deckblaster also removes accumulated spillage such as grease, oil and overspray.
Powered by a Jet Edge hydraulic intensifier pump, the Ultra Deckblaster operates at pressures up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar) and blasts away coatings with multiple waterjet orifices on a rotating bar. The bar spins in the same fashion as a lawn mower blade, directing the water against the surface to be cleaned.
Jet Edge's Ultradeckblaster is an eco-friendly and fast alternative for waterjet blasting flat surfaces such as ship decks, runways, road surfaces, parking lots and much more.  It can be hooked up to an industrial vacuum to contain wastewater in sensitive environments.
The Ultra Deckblaster’s "lawnmower style" design gives the operator total control of the rotation speed, drive speed, forward/o/reverse, water and rotation on/off of the spray bar for precise operation. Easily accessible levers control forward/reverse and bar rotation speeds. A manually actuated valve does not allow operation of any function unless the safety lever is depressed.
The hydraulic-powered wheel drive (self-propelled drive) offers additional operator control and comfort and can be easily disengaged for free-rolling applications. The spray bar height is adjustable by using a tension handle at the front of the Ultra Deckblaster.

The Ultra Deckblaster is powered by a Jet Edge hydraulic intensifier pump.

Typical Portable Water Jet Equipment Set Up:

water jet deck blasting equipment set up













Waterjet Intensifier Pumps

Options & Accessories
  • Special orifice manifolds with multiple orifices in various paterns
  • 0-1,200 rpm spraybar rotation
  • 2, 3 and 4 multi-angle tips
  • Straight orifices
  • Multiple spray bar designs
Standard Features
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Vacuum connection
  • Rubber skirt
  • Overall height (at handle) 37.5 inches (955 mm)
  • Overall length 66.5 inches (1690 mm)
  • Width 22 inches (560 mm)
  • Weight (approx) 280 lb (130 kg)
  • Cleaning path 18 inches (457 mm)
  • Cutting bar speed Variable 0-1200 rpm
  • Travel Rate with optional wheel drive Variable to 60 fpm (18.3 mpm)

Specifications subject to change.


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