Spyder Abrasivejet Radius & Circle Cutting System

Cutting rounded corners for a storage tank doorsheet.

Cutting a grouted casing.

This was cut from a grouted casing.

Designed for use in remote and potentially hazardous environments, Jet Edge’s Spyder Abrasivejet Radius and Circle Cutting System can be set up on the side of tanks, small vessels and large diameter piping. It is held in place by vacuum cups and features a self-aligning centering pin for fast and reliable setup. Motion components are made from non-ferrous materials, and cutting head manipulators are powered by pneumatic motors, making the Spyder suitable for use in all environments. A master control panel allows operators to control the cutting head manipulators, direction, speed of travel, abrasive delivery and vacuum components from one location.


Suitable for any environment:

  • Cuts virtually any material without heat or flames
  • Pneumatic reversible drive motor
  • Non-ferrous motion components

Easy Set Up:

  • Self-aligning
  • Lighweight suction cup mount
The Spyder includes the radius and circle cutting system, abrasivejet, abrasive hopper, abrasivejet mounting hardware, control panel, remote UHP control assembly and hoses.
For standard operation, it requires:
  • mobile intensifier pump to supply UHP water
  • Air compressor to supply abrasive hopper
  • Hydraulic power to operate support equipment
  • Track (see specifications for track options)
  • Orifices and nozzles to shape UHP water stream

Mobile Waterjet Systems Equipment Set Up:

mobile waterjet set up














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Waterjet Intensifier Pumps


Available in two sizes:

  • 1”-6.5” insider diameter/16“-48” outside diameter
  • 3“-12.5” inside diameter/27.5“-56” outside diameter

Movement Speed:

Varies due to several ranges of gear reducers
Optional Linear and Pipe Cutting Tracks:

  • 3, 5 and 10 linear-foot tracks
  • Low profile, rigid and vacuum tracks available
  • Pipe track: 6–60 inches (152–1524 mm)

Master Control Station

  • Three-position directional valve for pneumatic drive unit
  • Dual air regulators for directional speed control
  • Control abrasive flow from control station
  • One palm button shuts off UHP water and abrasives

Vacuum Generator

  • Steel construction
  • Pneumatic control vacuum
  • Locking quick disconnects
  • Lightweight compact design

Head Manipulator

  • Drive unit adapts for use with track or pipe cutting bands
  • Pneumatic reversible drive motor with interchangeable gear drive
  • Precise speed control for accurate cutting feed rates
  • Center line mounting of abrasive cutting head
  • Adjustable angle for beveling cuts

Permalign®II Abrasive Head

  • Length 10.94 in (27.8 cm)
  • Weight 4 lbs ( 1.8 kg)
  • Operating air pressure (min) 60 psi (4 bar)
  • Water pressure (max) 60,000 psi (4100 bar)
  • Orifice range .003 - .023 in 
  • Nozzle range .020 - .065 ID
  • Max flow rate 2.1 gpm (7.95 lpm)

High Flow Abrasive Head (for cutting thicker material or multiple layers)

  • Length 7.55 in (19.1 cm)
  • Weight 4.00 lbs ( 1.8 kg)
  • Operating air pressure (min) 60 psi (4 bar)
  • Water pressure (max) 55,000 psi (3800 bar)
  • Orifice range .023 - .042 in 
  • Nozzle range .095 - .125 ID 
  • Max flow rate 5.1 gpm (19.04 lpm)

Abrasive Delivery System

  • Lightweight durable high-impact poly design
  • Two-wheel pneumatic tires with rugged frame
  • Air-regulated metering valve
  • Delivery rate: up to 3 lb (1.36 kg)/minute

Jet Edge is one of the few waterjet manufacturers willing to custom engineer solutions so you receive a system manufactured to satisfy your specific requirements. Our willingness to customize has made us the go-to waterjet supplier for solving the world’s toughest waterjet problems.

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