Custom Waterjet Solutions

Custom shuttle systems greatly increase productivity for waterjet shops with demanding throughput requirements.

Jet Edge also offers custom conveying systems.

Jet Edge built this High Rail Gantry waterjet system with an extra-deep tank for a customer who needed to cut very thick parts.

Sbemco International Matting by Design worked with Jet Edge, ALLtra Corporation of Dewey, Ok., and an engineering consultant to design a one-of-kind in-floor water jet cutting system that brings the waterjet cutting work surface to floor level so large pieces of heavy matting material can be dragged into place to be cut rather than be lifted up onto a traditional waterjet table.

Jet Edge's High Rail Gantry water jet systems can be set up with multiple cutting heads for maximum throughput.

Jet Edge's willingness to customize has made us the go-to waterjet manufacturer for solving some of the world's toughest problems.  In 2010, we built an underwater waterjet system that was deployed 5,000 feet under water to help stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

During the Kuwait oil fires, Jet Edge mobile waterjets were used to cut off the damaged wellheads so they could be capped.

Alliance Automation’s robotic waterjet trimming cells combine Motoman HP20D robots and Jet Edge’s 60,000 psi iP60-50 waterjet intensifier pumps for industry-leading precision and dependability. Photo credit: Alliance Automation, LLC

The Jet Edge Waterjet Slitter is specifically designed for waterjet slitting, edge trimming, and cross-cutting. The Slitter is ideal for water jet cutting materials such as paper, fabric, diapers, insulation, webbing, rubber and plastic. It can be customized.

Jet Edge is one of the few waterjet manufacturers willing to custom engineer solutions so you receive a system manufactured to satisfy your specific requirements.  Our willingness to customize has made us the go-to waterjet supplier for solving the world’s toughest waterjet problems.

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Success Stories

Jet Edge Helps Stop Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

In 2010, Jet Edge and sister company Chukar Waterjet Inc. helped stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by rapidly developing an underwater waterjetting system that was dropped 5,000 feet into the Gulf. The system successfully blasted away hydrates that were clogging a containment system.

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Jet Edge Waterjets Cut Damaged Wellheads During Kuwait Oil Fires

In 1991, Jet Edge customized mobile waterjet cutting systems were used to cut off 90% of the damaged wellheads in Kuwait after Saddam Hussein's troops detonated and set fire to Kuwait's oil fields.

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Jet Edge Builds Massive Outdoor Waterjet for Oregon's Plasti-Fab Inc.

When Tualatin, Oregon-based Plasti-Fab, Inc., landed a contract to cut hundreds of circles out of 8,000-pound fiberglass plates, they decided abrasive waterjet would be the best way to address their unique situation.  But first the company had to overcome two obstacles: they needed to find a waterjet manufacturer capable of building the huge 14 by 28-foot waterjet table needed for their application, and they needed to find a system that could be installed outdoors because they had no space available in their building, which already houses two CNC routers.