Waterjet Accessories

Robotic Waterjet Swivel

Jet Edge's Robotic Swivel directs ultra-high pressure (UHP) water for coating removal, cleaning, and deburring. The Robotic Swivel is designed for use with Motion Controlled and Robotic waterjet cleaning systems. Typical applications include preparation for recoating or repainting, stripping corrosion, coating overspray, paint scale, rust, parts cleaning, part carrier cleaning, mold release residue, and much more.

Water Jet Dual Pressure Valve

Jet Edge’s patented Dual Pressure Valve is a remotely mounted valve that allows waterjet operators to control water pressure independently of the intensifier pump. This enables operators to run a number of tables or cutting stations at various pressures. In low-pressure piercing applications, the Dual Pressure Valve can increase productivity by allowing operators to reduce and raise water pressure without having to wait for the intensifier pump to drop to the lower pressure or rise to the higher pressure.

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