Closed Loop System

Eco-friendly closed looped filtration systems recycle water used in an application. 

Closed Loop Filtration System

Jet Edge’s eco-friendly Closed Loop Filtration System reduces water and sewage costs, prevents the introduction of hazardous materials into drainage systems, and eliminates the need for a drain. The waterjet table overflows into a settling weir and the used garnet is settled out before entering the filtration system. The clean water is sent through an In-Line Chiller (sold separately) to remove the heat from the machining process. Clean and chilled water is delivered back to the high-pressure pump.

In-Line Water Jet Chiller

Inline Chillers are designed to be used in conjunction with a Closed Loop Filtration System. The chiller provides the hydraulic cooling for the water jet pump as well as the cooling for the cutting water in the Closed Loop Filtation System. This provides cooled, TDS Controlled water for cutting purposes, maximizing high pressure pump seal life.

High Pressure Pump Chiller

Jet Edge’s High Pressure Pump Chillers are the perfect match to your high-pressure intensifier pump. The chiller cools the hydraulics of the pump while the closed loop system continuously chills and recycles the water without discharging to the drain. The cooler water temperature improves pump performance and maximizes seal life. The range of units allows you to select the right chiller size for your pump and environment.

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