Case Studies

Pennsylvania Gasket Manufacturer Cuts Production Time from 3-4 Hours to 10-15 Minutes

As a manufacturer of precision gaskets and packings, AP Services processes more than 50 rush orders each day to meet the rigorous 24/7 demands of the world’s crucial power generation, chemical and waste-water treatment industries.

This industrious and growing company was started in 1991 in Freeport, Pa.  Since then, owners Jeff and Kenny Hemphill have taken the business global and have expanded its production facility to two plants totaling 48,000 square feet.

Alliance Automation Helps North America’s Manufacturers Gain Competitive Edge through Automation, Robotics

Alliance Automation, LLC, is one of the many unsung heroes of America’s manufacturing renaissance.  Since 2001, this determined Grand Blanc, Michigan automation supplier has searched the world for the very best manufacturing and automation solutions, bringing them home and finessing them to meet the needs of American industry.  As a result, many of the products we use every day are being produced better, faster, safer and more profitably…right here in America.

Minnesota Waterjet Contractor Helps Remote African Refinery Repair Vital 5 Million Gallon Crude Oil Storage Tank

When you’re good at what you do, word gets around. 

That’s how an ultra-high pressure waterjet contractor from St. Paul, Minnesota, won a major project at an oil refinery in far-off Ndola, Zambia. 

Spin the globe and you’ll find Zambia right in the heart of southern Africa, nearly 8,400 miles (1400K) from St. Paul, its borders aptly shaped liked a flexed arm which could symbolize the nation’s determined economic recovery. 

Minnesota Waterjet Contractor Tackles Challenging Inconel® Pipe Cutting Project with Jet Edge Waterjets

When a Louisiana contractor needed a faster method of cutting holes into Inconel® pipe for a unique refinery project, they called Jet Edge in St. Michael, Minn. 

The contractor was in a bind. After two days at throwing everything they had at the 1.625" thick Inconel with a hole boring drill, they had yet to cut a single a hole, and they needed to cut eight 10" holes.

Safe-Cut Provides Safe, Efficient Waterjet Cutting Services to Refinery Industry

The conventional method for dismantling or repairing petroleum storage tanks is to cut them apart with oxyacetylene torches and hand-held gouges. Sound a little hazardous and time consuming? Mass Technology Corporation thought so too. Convinced that there had to be a better way, Mass Technology launched its Safe-Cut service, and acquired the rights to a cold-cutting process for the refinery industry using ultra-high pressure waterjets.

History's Modern Marvels Features Jet Edge Waterjets

Jet Edge was recently featured on the History Channel's Modern Marvels: Under Pressure episode (Jan. 30, 2012 on H2).

During Under Pressure, Modern Marvels explores the science behind Jet Edge's 90,000 psi industrial waterjet cutting technology and explains how ordinary tap water and sand can be transformed into a cutting stream powerful enough to cut through 15-inch titanium and precise enough to manufacture precision parts for teams racing in the NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series.


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