Jet Edge Testimonials

“When we decided to add the water jet process to our machining capabilities, everyone at MWR agreed that it was of utmost importance to bring in the most accurate, dependable system available. That’s why we chose Jet Edge. In our business, time is our most precious commodity so ease of maintenance was also a critical requirement. The Jet Edge system satisfied all these requirements and reinforced them with a well-staffed service and support team. MWR is proud of its technical partnership with Jet Edge. Their precision systems will enable us to perform to a higher standard as we race forward.”
Michael Waltrip, Michael Waltrip Racing
"We bought our first Jet Edge 36-250 pump in the year 2000 when we began the development of our 'Fulton Hogan Watercutter,' a specialized machine for road surface rehabilitation.We now have 5 of these machines (all utilizing the 36-250 intensifier pumps) which have clocked up thousands of hours working in New Zealand and Australia. UHP water is unforgiving, but these pumps, and the associated Jet Edge UHP equipment, have proven to be very reliable. Despite being located almost on the other side of the world, we have enjoyed superb support from Jet Edge over the years, and continue to do so."
Richard Shaw, Fulton Hogan Ltd.
"I am very loyal to Jet Edge. Over the last four and a half years, I have known from one day to the next that I made the right decision.  Jet Edge's technical support has been absolutely outstanding.  They have looked after me like I am their only customer.  It’s never felt like I’ve made the wrong choice.  Nothing has ever been backordered.  Jet Edge's service is great, and the fact that I can get a hold of a living person who can answer technical questions 24 hours a day is worth gold.  Jet Edge's product gives me very little trouble and it is easy to fix, it is easy to set up, it requires very little special fixturing of parts, and it is very predictable compared to conventional machining."
Dave Willcock, Profile Waterjet Cutting
"I've developed a relationship with Jet Edge, and relationships are very important in business. Jet Edge treats me like they know me, and with respect and good response. I can call Jet Edge and say 'Can I talk to Jude [Jet Edge President Jude Lague]?’ and they will let me talk to Jude. A lot of companies won't let you talk to the president unless you are a president.  Jet Edge is more like family. Everyone is on a first-name basis."
Mark McCabe, Creative Edge Mastershop
"It's the most reliable piece of equipment we've ever invested in. It's a versatile machine, meaning that it can cut anything, anyway, anytime … By far, Jet Edge has done everything they said they would. Their service has been fabulous. "
David Abare, New England Die Cutting
“[Jet Edge abrasivejet] revolutionized our business. It was the best way to go. It's been an excellent, excellent boon to us. I can now cut thick aluminum up to 6 inches (0.152m), same with the steel. Now there are no limits. The waterjet is able to cut any type of material. Last winter we used it to cut holes in 6-inch manganese steel. It was a very hard problem. It's an almost impossible job other than with waterjet."
Tony Yaroshak, Stainless Steel Technology