Jet Edge Testimonials

"Jet Edge is a great manufacturer. They build a high-end industrial machine, made to get the job done.”  
Jose Luis Arce - Arro-Jet Engineering & Consulting
“We know waterjet pumps and we could see this was a quality product.  After investigating Jet Edge and checking its customer references, I could see that the companies who were using Jet Edge equipment were serious waterjet users.  There was no reason not to use the Jet Edge pump."
Malcolm Cruickshank, Jetstream Cutting Solutions CC
"I like Jet Edge's vertical integration and one call for service. A lot of the other companies require you to call one company for parts and service on the gantry and another for parts and service on the pump. I also liked Jet Edge's 24-hour availability. Many other waterjet manufacturers were available eight to five in their time zone or they had online support. Plus, I really liked working with David Arthur [Jet Edge's Southeast U.S. regional sales manager]. I felt that he was as honest as a salesman could be and was willing to work with us to determine the best solution."
Jason Stevens, Reuel Inc.
“The EDGE X-5 will add a whole new level of sophistication to our parts and it’s going to be really exciting to see how our engineers use it to improve our parts.” 
Jeremy Vanderleest, Michael Waltrip Racing
“Knowing that Jet Edge is a leader in waterjet technology, we knew we could trust the dependability and consistency of the Jet Edge intensifier. We have been involved in the robotic waterjet market for a number of years and utilizing the Jet Edge Intensifier helps us to provide the product and support we need to satisfy our current and future customers.”
Steven Cranston, Alliance Automation, LLC
"Our Jet Edge pumps cost 20% less to maintain than our other pump because the Jet Edge seals are less expensive. The seal life is similar, but we save $8,000 to $9,000 a year. The Jet Edge iP60-150s are the best thing on the market. I will keep putting them in." 
Joe Quaal, Precision Waterjet Concepts
“Both of our Jet Edges have been very reliable and they are easy to work on.  The machines are also very easy to operate. ..Jet Edge has great hands-on training.”
Jeremy Vanderleest, Michael Waltrip Racing
“Racing is a team sport, and one of our most important members is our Jet Edge waterjet.  Thanks to Jet Edge, we’re able to take design improvements to the racetrack weeks faster.  If we come up with a new part or a design change, we want to get it into the car as soon as we can.  If you tell me we have a new part that will make the car faster, but we can’t have it for three weeks, well, that sucks.  I want it now! Every weekend that goes by without that new part is a missed opportunity.  Thanks to our Jet Edges, we can have that part right now.”
Michael Waltrip, Michael Waltrip Racing
"Jet Edge waterjet intensifier pumps are the best there are.  They are the Rolls Royce of ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps, and they are mobile and diesel driven."
Martin Grijpstra, Jet Set Hydro Technics B.V.
"Jet Edge has surpassed all my expectations.  I am very pleased with the system and with the service. Jet Edge stands behind its product. When I have called with a problem, they have gotten back to me in a reasonable time.  It hasn't been days or weeks.  I like the overall performance of the machine. The pump is fairly easy to maintain. You really only have a couple of seals to replace and the seal life is fine."
Ron Richmond, Twelve Strike Bowling Services