Waterjetting Applications

Waterjet Cleaning Applications

Jet Edge waterjet cleaning, water blasting and surface preparation systems are the fast, easy and environmentally safe way to blast off tough build ups of paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, scale, chemical contaminants and other surface deposits without damaging underlying surfaces or substrates. Surfaces come 100 percent clean, ready to accept new coatings with maximum adhesion.

Jet Edge's ultra-high pressure waterjet cleaning and surface preparation systems have numerous applications, including cleaning parts, removing blockages from pipes and blasting ship hulls, decks and fish holds.

Waterjetting Equipment

Advantages of Waterjets

  • Waterjets blast away coatings and corrosion without harming underlying surfaces
  • ¬†Waterjets use much less water than ordinary pressure washers
  • Waterjets are environmentally friendly - They uses no hazardous chemicals
  • Waterjets eliminate costly cleanup and waste disposal
  • Waterjets leave a surface that complies with SSPC-SP12/NACE No.5 specification.
  • Waterjets eliminate solvent fumes
  • Waterjets eliminate airborne dust
  • Waterjets leave no films or residue
  • Waterjets lower hazardous material exposure for workers
  • Waterjets do not change the original surface profile