A Few Pearls of Wisdom to Make Your Water Jet Abrasive Work for You

Dec 15, 2016

It takes tons of grit to run an abrasive water jet cutting shop, yet only a single grain of sand to make a precious pearl. In the spirit of National Wear Your Pearls Day, we'd like to share a few pearls of wisdom to help you get the most out of your abrasive garnet. 

Avoid Bad Oysters! Select Quality Garnet

Eating a bad oyster can turn your stomach on a dime, and so can poor quality garnet. Investing in quality waterjet abrasive can spare you the agony of unexpected shutdowns and poor quality parts.

Shuck Carefully - Don't Let Garnet Bag Debris Get in Your Hopper

When you cut open your garnet bags, carefully remove any pieces of the bag that might fall into your abrasive hopper. Even a tiny piece of paper can clog your system and interrupt a cut.

Enjoy in Moderation - Use Minimal Garnet

Garnet, like oysters, is expensive, so don't use more than you have to. Perform test cuts to determine the minimum amount of garnet needed to get your job down satisfactorily. You'll save so much money, you won't have to think twice about ordering the seafood tower next time you're out on the town. Better yet, reinvest your savings into your waterjet shop and put new Jet Edge Permalign V Series mini hoppers on your system to better control your abrasive flow.

Spice it Up - Use a Variety of Grits for Different Applications

Some people love clams, but hate mussels, and some of us can't get enough hot sauce and horseradish; the same holds true for garnet. While a finer mesh is ideal for waterjet cutting glass, a more aggressive grit is needed for waterjet cutting steel. Keep a variety on hand for different cutting applications.

If You Don't Want to Eat It, Don't

If you're not into oysters, leave them for the guy across the table. Similarly, if your material can be cut with a water-only waterjet, cut it with water and spare the garnet for projects that need it.

Keep Your Feet (and Your Garnet) Dry

We landlubbers always seem to end up with soggy shoes when we visit an ocean beach. It's no fun to walk around with sloshy socks, and likewise it's definitely no fun to stop an expensive cut because water got in your abrasive. Keep your garnet dry.

Let Your Friends Pay for Dinner!

It would be nuts to turn down a free meal, and even nuttier to turn down free garnet. If you're buying a waterjet system in the very near future, buy a Jet Edge by Dec. 30, 2016, and we'll give you 22,000 lbs of free Barton garnet! See details.

Jet Edge Waterjet Systems is Here to Help

Contact Jet Edge if you have any questions about operating your waterjet system. We are here to help you succeed.