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It's National Read a Book Day - And, Yes Your Jet Edge Water Jet Manuals Count!

I've always loved reading. Growing up, we had a beautiful library that my dad built into a wall. My parents filled it with an eclectic collection of books that they accumulated over the years. To this day, my parents' library still fills me with awe and I readily swap books with them and my siblings. They raised a brood of readers, first by reading to us and then by inspiring us to want to learn how to read for ourselves.

Keep Your Garnet Dry to Avoid Clogging Your Water Jet

If you've ever built a sandcastle, you know how important it is to get the sand wet to get it to clump together to fashion the perfect moat and soaring towers.

Wet sand clumps.  The garnet abrasive sand used by most water jet shops is no exception.  Get it wet before it's supposed to get wet, and you are going to have clumps that will  inevitably clog up your abrasive feed lines.


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