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Jet Edge Salutes Our Nation's Miners on National Miner's Day

Without our nation's miners, we'd be living in a cold, dark world. We'd have no gold rings to celebrate our marriages, no copper to wire our homes or plumb our kitchen sink, no uranium to arm our defense systems, and no special silver to polish for the holiday season.

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, yet our brave miners are always up to the task. We salute them today in honor of National Miner's Day, but let's honor them every day by always remembering the sacrifice that brings our nation's deepest resources to the light of day.

Happy National Farmer's Day from Jet Edge Waterjet Systems!

It's no secret that we like to eat at Jet Edge, so we'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of the farmers who work so hard to put food on our table.  Without you, we'd all go hungry.  We'd have no mouthwatering steaks or hot buttered potatoes, no warm bread straight out of the oven or crisp fresh vegetables.  We'd have no cotton sheets or cotton fabrics, no beer or wine or liquor of any sort. We'd go without so many things. It would be a miserable world without farmers.  

Thank you, farmers. We love your work!

Happy National Beer Lover's Day! If You Had a Jet Edge Waterjet, You Could Knock Off Early!

It's National Beer Lover's Day! In two more hours and 50 minutes, we'll be able to celebrate (not that we're watching the clock)!

I enjoy a cold beer now and then, as long as it's good beer. I know ladies are supposed to like light beer, but I can't stand the stuff. In my book, a good beer requires a bottle opener to open. 

Happiness is Having a Jet Edge Mobile Water Jet Cutter to Get the Job Done

August is Happiness Happens Month, which seems especially fitting to me, because on Friday, my husband Dave and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  

Nothing could make me happier than spending a lifetime with my best friend.  We took a couple of days off to relax and enjoy the company of our best buddies, Benson and Duke, two of the happiest dogs I have ever known.  

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