WaterJet Motion Systems

Jet Edge manufactures a wide range of waterjet motion systems.  Our industrial precision waterjets lead the industry in precision and accuracy and are used by industrial fabrication and manufacturing facilities around the world, including machine and job shops, metal service centers, automotive, aerospace and defense manufacturers, stone and tile shops, and much more.  Jet Edge also offers a line of entry-level low-cost waterjets that are ideal for budget-conscious shops.

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Precision Waterjet Motion Systems

Jet Edge’s precision CNC waterjets are designed to provide years of dependable service in harsh industrial environments. Our industrial grade components are selected to minimize unscheduled downtime and operate 24 hours per day. All of our gantries incorporate a rock-solid design that separates the motion system from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and ensuring maximum part quality. Our powerful and flexible AquaVision® Di Controller features an open architecture design that gives operators the freedom to fine-tune programs from any CAD/CAM/nesting software, utilizing advanced HMI features and/or standard G&M code. Jet Edge's precision waterjet cutting systems lead the industry in precision and accuracy with +/- 0.001" Linear positional accuracy (over 12") and +/- 0.001" Repeatability (bi-directional)

5'x5' (1500 mm x 1500 mm) to 24'x13' (7300 mm x 3900 mm) - Supports Multiple Cutting Heads

4'x4' (1200 mm x 1200 mm) to 24'x14' (7300 mm x 4200 mm) - Supports up to 12 Cutting Heads!

5'x5' (1500 mm x 1500 mm) to 24'x13' (7300 mm x 3900 mm) - Supports Multiple Cutting Heads

Low-Cost Waterjet Motion Systems

Jet Edge's low cost waterjet systems may be intended for entry-level use, but they are built to Jet Edge's demanding specifications and can be powered by any of Jet Edge's waterjet pumps. Jet Edge offers both hydraulic intensifier and direct drive pumps, available in 30-280 hp models. Our unique FARM-JET and TACH-JET waterjet systems can be operated in rural or remote areas without 3-phase power.

59" x 59" (1500 mm x1500 mm) - Single 3-axis Cutting Head
Comes standard with an Eco-Jet™ direct drive pump but can be upgraded to a hydraulic intensifier pump.

59" x 59" (1500 mm x 1500 mm) - Single 3-Axis Cutting Head
Uses tractor PTO to produce 55,000 psi (3800 bar) waterjet.

59" x 59" (1500 mm x 1500 mm) - Single 3-axis cutting head
Uses tractor/skid steer hydraulic circuit to produce 40,000 psi (2800 bar) waterjet.