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Mobile Waterjet Products

Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Mobile Water Jet Cutting

Gyra Jet LP - Waterjet Cleaning and Surface Preparation Tool, Water Blaster

The Gyra Jet LP hand-held waterjetting tool is ideal for waterjet surface preparation, industrial cleaning, coating removal and concrete demolition.
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Abrasivejet Cutting System - Spyder

The Spyder Abrasivejet Cutting System is a portable, pneumatically controlled linear and pipe cutting system designed for use in remote and/or potentially hazardous environments.
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Abrasivejet Circle & Radius Cutting System - Spyder

Designed for use in remote and potentially hazardous environments, Jet Edge's Spyder Abrasivejet Radius and Circle Cutting System can be set up on the side of tanks, small vessels and large diameter piping.
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Ultra Deckblaster - Waterjet Surface Preparation, Coating Removal Tool

The Ultra Deckblaster waterjetting machine is designed to direct UHP water (up to 55,000 psi or 3,800 bar) for coating removal and surface preparation on flat surfaces. The Ultra Deckblaster is ideal for waterjet applications such as performing light scarification on concrete floors and steel decks, removing nonskid coatings or painted lines from factory floors, parking ramps and runways; cleaning accumulated spillage of grease, oil and over spray, and cleaning paint booth grating.
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Ultra Lancing Machine - Rotary Waterjet Tool

Jet Edge's Ulltra Lancing Machine uses UHP waterjets to remove deposits and blockages from interior surfaces of tubular structures such as heat exchangers and pipes. Its precisely controlled inserting, rotating, and retracting speeds create perfectly cleaned inner surfaces.
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UltraLite Lance - Mobile Waterjet Cutting, Stripping, Cleaning Tool

The Jet Edge UltraLite Lance portable waterjet tool is used for coating removal, surface preparation, industrial cleaning, and controlled surface demolition.
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Versacutter - Mobile Waterjet Cutting System

The Versacutter is a motion-controlled, portable linear abrasivejet cutting and beveling system that is used in a variety of cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and any fabricated metal structures.
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Water Jet Pipe Cutter

Jet Edge's Pipe Cutter is a hydraulically controlled portable abrasivejet cutting system designed especially for cutting pipelines, reinforced concrete and metal structures.
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