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Waterjet Cutting Products

Customer Success Stories

Congratulations, Brian Vickers and MWR!

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Brian Vickers Races Jet Edge Car to 11th Place Finish Despite Wreck, Slit Tire

Michael Waltrip Racing uses a Jet Edge waterjet system to cut more than 1,000 parts for each of its racecars. - Read More

U.S. Army's Legendary Blackhorse Regiment Installs Jet Edge Water jet System

11th Armored Calvary Regiment Increases Operational Readiness with Water Jet Technology - Read More

Remembering the Kuwait Oil Fires and Jet Edge's Role in Quelling the Disaster

In January and February of 1991, Saddam Hussein's retreating troops detonated and set fire to 750 of Kuwait's 900 oil wells. As firefighters battled the fires, Jet Edge waterjet systems were used to cut off the mangled wellhead equipment to prepare the wells for capping. - Read More

Minnesota Waterjet Contractor Tackles Challenging Inconel® Pipe Cutting Project with Jet Edge Waterjets

Midwest Mobile Waterjet Helps Contractor Complete Unique Pipe Hole Cutting Project, Proves Waterjet's Superiority at Cutting Inconel® - Read More

Jet Edge Congratulates MWR & Clint Bowyer!

Jet Edge congratulates Michael Waltrip Racing and Clint Bowyer on their victory at Sonoma! - Read More

Safe-Cut Provides Safe, Efficient Waterjet Cutting Services to Refinery Industry

Texas cold-cutting service specializes in removing and repairing petroleum storage tanks. - Read More

History's Modern Marvels Features Jet Edge Waterjets

Modern Marvels: Under Pressure features Jet Edge's X-Stream pressure waterjet cutting technology. - Read More

Illinois Fab Shop Grows Through Innovation, Craftsmanship

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Illinois Family Achieves American Dream with Jet Edge Waterjet

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Minnesota Water Jet Shop Builds Thriving 'Green' Business with Jet Edge Waterjets

Precision Waterjet Concepts prides itself on its environmentally sustainable business practices, even heating its building with hot water generated by its waterjet systems. - Read More

Water Jet Contractor Helps Remove Temporary Pier Piles at Audubon Bridge Construction Site Following Record Floods

Midwest Mobile Waterjet developed unique waterjet cutter that was dropped 20-40 feet inside the piles to cut them off 3 feet below the riverbed. - Read More

AK Services Cuts 55-Inch Access in Nuclear Waste Storage Tank

Boston-area Water Jet Contractor Uses Remote-Controlled Water Jet Cutting System to Cut Largest Access Ever in Active Department of Energy Radioactive Storage Tank - Read More

E.J. Bartells Increases Productivity with Waterjet!

Parts that used to take seven seconds to process now take only two! - Read More

Waterjets Help Stop Gulf Oil Leak

Jet Edge develops water jet system that operates in water depths in excess of 5,000 feet! - Read More

AK Services - Boston, MA

Water Jet Contractor AK Services Faces Nation's Toughest Water Jet Challenges Head On - Read More

Michael Waltrip Racing Uses Jet Edge Waterjet to Manufacture Racecar Parts

Michael Waltrip Racing Increases Waterjet Productivity 35%, Cuts Costs 30% with Jet Edge's 90,000 PSI X-Stream Intensifier Pump - Read More

Metal Service Center Jacquet Features Large Format Jet Edge Waterjets

Metals Processing and Distribution Center Specializes in Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Has Largest Waterjet Tables in North America - Read More

Twelve Strike Bowling Services Chooses American-Made Jet Edge Waterjet

Owner Ron Richmond insisted that his waterjet system be made in America and include a closed-loop water recycling system. That's why he chose Jet Edge. - Read More

Centura Oil Stimulates Methane Wells with Waterjet

Downhole Waterjet Cutting System Dramatically Increases Well Productivity - Centura Oil Provides Green Solution for Well Stimulation, Eliminates Near Well Bore Damage - Read More

Southern California Waterjet Shop Thrives with Jet Edge Waterjet Systems

Arro-Jet Engineering and Consulting Builds Thriving Waterjet Cutting, Consulting Business on Reputation, Customer Service - Read More

Reuel Inc. Installs Jet Edge Waterjet System

Electrical Components Manufacturer First to Install Jet Edge's New Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet - Read More

QteC Automation and Waterjet Technology Leading Supplier of Waterjet Technology in Europe

QteC Powers Custom Waterjet Systems with Jet Edge Intensifier Pumps, Distributes and Services Jet Edge Pumps in Europe - Read More

David Allen Company Broadens Artistic Vision with Water Jet

Renowned Stone, Tile and Terrazzo Contractor Accomplishes Once Impossible Designs with its Jet Edge Water Jet Cutting Machine - Read More

Plasti-Fab Cuts Massive 8,000-Pound Fiberglass Parts with Jet Edge Water Jet

14X28-foot water jet table was installed outdoors. - Read More

RAGWORM® Water Jet Cutting Machine Removes Storage Tank Floors, Roofs

Jet Set Hydro Technics B.V. uses Jet Edge waterjet pumps to power its RAGWORM® Waterjet Cutting System. The system removes worn storage tank floors, roofs 5 times faster than torches, 30 times faster than gouges - Read More

Mattracks Cuts Machining Time with Jet Edge Waterjet Machine

Minnesota company manufactures MATTRACKS® rubber track conversion systems. - Read More

Palmer Marble & Tile Uses Jet Edge Waterjet for High-End Residential, Commerical Projects

Renowned Florida business cuts production time from weeks to days with its Jet Edge waterjet system - Read More

Metfab Engineering, Inc. - Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts

Full-service job shop saves customers months of time with its Jet Edge abrasive waterjet system. - Read More

Stainless Steel Technology - Lively, Ontario

10-foot by 24-foot (3 m x 7.3 m) waterjet table is one of the largest in Canada - Read More

Trim Tool & Machine, Inc. - Cleveland, Ohio

One of the Nation's Largest Steering Wheel Trim Die Manufacturers Routinely Cuts 4-6 Inch Thick Heat-Treated Steel with Abrasive Waterjet. - Read More

Profile Waterjet Cutting, Inc. - St. Catharines, Ontario

Waterjet Job Shop Specializes in Aviation Components - Read More

Tell Us Your Success Story!

Do you have an interesting story to tell about your successful use of Jet Edge technology? If so, we would love to hear from you. - Read More

New England Die Cutting, Inc. - Haverhill, Massachusetts

Company Increases Productivity with American-Made Jet Edge Waterjet - Read More

S&T Precision Plate Cutting, Inc. - Hanson, Massachusetts

Company opened for business just before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, yet survived and thrived. - Read More

SKL Fabricators, Inc. - Malden, Massachusetts

- Read More

SP & C - The Surface Preparation and Coatings People Company - Long Beach, Washington

- Read More

Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc. - Fairfield, Iowa

Jet Edge Dual Pressure Valves Have Dramatically Reduced Downtime, Prevented Costly Repairs - Read More