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Versacutter - Mobile Waterjet Cutting System

The Jet Edge Versacutter is a motion-controlled, portable abrasivejet cutting and beveling system. The system is used in a variety of water jet cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. The Versacutter cuts without flames and does not generate heat. This makes it possible for operators to cut in areas where flames are restricted, and eliminates heat-affected zones.

The Versacutter is powered by a Jet Edge Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water jet intensifier pump that supplies 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) water to the cutting devices as it travels along the track. The cutting device can be configured on a flexible track for contured surface cutting or on a frame-mounted, rigid track for linear cutting.

A remote control panel designates the direction of the cut, starts and stops the drive motor, adjusts the travel speed, and monitors delivery of the abrasive. The drive motor is a sealed reversible unit which operates on hydraulic power to propel the sprocket through the gear reducer. The sprocket follows the track and moves the cutting head along the selected path. The tracks are easily positioned using permanent earth magnets, vacuum, and/or cable tensioner. The self-propelled cutting and beveling carriage accurately follows the track assembly using positive engagement drive pins.

The pneumatic delivery system meters the abrasive from the hopper to the cutting head. The micrometer controlled slidegate measuring device features a large calibrated readout dial and a positive setting lock for accurate and repeatable abrasive delivery. The hopper holds up to 400 pounds of abrasive for hours of uninterrupted cutting. Quick setup and maneuverability are achieved by mounting the hopper on pneumatic tires, and the weight-saving design enables operation in difficult overhead and vertical applications.

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Standard color is blue.

Standard Features

Cutting packages include a Versacutter carriage assembly, remote control unit, an abrasivejet cutting head, an abrasive distribution system, track, hydraulic hose, and air hose.

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