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Waterjet Cutting System - High Rail Gantry

Michael Waltrip

Jet Edge's High Rail Gantry Waterjet System produces complex parts out of virtually any material. Its overhead design allows full access to the work envelope and raises the critical components out of the water jet process environment.

The High Rail Gantry waterjet's stress-relieved steel fabricated frame provides unparalleled rigidity; coupled with rigid honeycombed steel beams, this allows stable but fast operation. Moving elements are supported on THK linear ways. Precision ballscrews are directly coupled to servomotors.

The XY mechanical components are totally protected from the abrasivejet environment by a lip seal system. This system, which uses brushes, labyrinth passages, lip seals, and high-volume, low-pressure filtered air to protect critical motion components, provides significantly longer service life compared to conventional bellows arrangements.

Jet Edge High Rail Gantry Systems are the most versatile ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet and abrasive cutting systems on the market. They cut virtually any material and can grow with your business.

Jet Edge High Rail Gantry Waterjet Tables are powered by Jet Edge Water Jet Intensifier Pumps.


A Cut Above the Competition

  • Industry Leading Precision and Accuracy!
    +/- 0.001" Linear positional accuracy (over 12") - Per axis
    +/- 0.001" Repeatability (Bi-directional)
    0.0004" Backlash - maximum
  • Sturdy overhead gantry design ensures lasting precision.
  • Motion components are kept up high out of the harsh process environment and are protected by metal covers and lip seals versus bellows that can puncture or tear. Clean filtered air blower fans provide positive pressure around the ball screws.
  • The motion system is separated from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and ensuring maximum part quality.
  • Multiple cutting heads and drills can be added to increase productivity.
  • Can be exanded in place as your business grows.
  • 750 IPM Contouring and Rapid Positioning (460 volt)
  • Easy to load with a forklift or overhead crane.
  • Cuts virtually anything!

    Aquavision Di Motion Controller

    The High Rail Gantry is controlled by the PC-based Aquavision Di motion controller. Featuring a 1.8 GHz Intel® Pentium M Processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB DDR-RAM (expandable to 2GB) and six USB 2.0 ports, The Aquavision Di is the most advanced waterjet motion controller in the industry. From the customized Visual Basic front end, the user is guided through the process from job set-up to production. Single parts, mirroring, rotation, plate alignment and part arrays (optional) are right at your fingertips. It is fully networkable, allowing part programs to be generated offline and easily transferred to the system's hard drive for production.

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Options and Accessories

High Rail Gantry Options

  • Sub-Z axis gives multiple heads 3 inches of independent travel - an industry exclusive
  • Closed loop water systems - eco-friendly
  • Abrasive Removal System - reduces tank maintenance
  • Abrasive Recycling System - reduces operating costs
  • Water raise/lower for underwater cutting
  • SigmaNEST CAD/CAM nesting software
  • Contact height sensing
  • Pneumatic drill
  • Dual pressure valve
  • Digital readout for multi head positioning
  • Electronic performance monitor
  • High pressure water monitor
  • Abrasive delivery system monitor
  • Multiple cutting head configurations with extended catcher tank - increases work envelope and productivity


A stress-relieved steel-fabricated frame provides unparalleled rigidity; coupled with rigid honeycombed steel beams, this allows stable but fast operation.


High solids/polyurethane.

Standard Features

  • 12" motorized Z-axis
  • Closed Loop Drive System on X & Y Axis:
  • AC Brushless Servo Motors
  • Preloaded anti backlash recirculating ball screws
  • THK Linear Bearings with hardened precision ground ways
  • Split Y-axis drive system (dual motors)
  • 750 IPM Contouring and Rapid Positioning (460 volt)
  • Full Featured Machine Operators Panel:
  • Variable Feed-rate Override for contouring and rapid motions
  • Individually controlled water and abrasive functions
  • Auto, MDI (manual data input) and manual operation
  • 0.005" Renishaw ballbar dynamic positioning accuracy - circularity (over 24") at 70F over the entire work envelope
  • +/-  0.003" Renishaw ballbar tests of squareness and of straightness (over 24") at 70F
  • +/-  0.001" Linear positional accuracy (over 12") - Per axis*
  • +/-  0.001" Repeatability (Bi-directional)*
  • 0.0004" Backlash - maximum
  • High Pressure Swivel Arm Delivery System
  • Positive Pressurized formed steel protective covers with Labyrinth Lip Seal design
  • Full-featured Hand Held Pendant
  • High Pressure Table Plumbing with Hand Valve
  • Requires 460v60hz-3 phase (standard manufacture), OR 230v60hz-3 phase (specify), OR 230v60hz-single phase (specify)
  • PC-based Controller
  • Standard Ethernet connection
  • Slat-style Catcher Tank - separate from gantry
  • Table sizes range from 4'X4 'to 24"X14"


*Specifications per:
(National Machine Tool Building Association Standard)
(ASME B5.54, Methods for Performance Evaluation of Computer Numerically Controlled Machining Centers)

Industry Standards

  • Jet Edge waterjets are manufactured according to National Machine Tool Building Association (NMTBA) standards.
  • Motion system tolerance capabilities are verified through dynamic analysis using a Renishaw Ballbar system. This analysis assures customer satisfaction by delivering tight and consistent part-cutting tolerances.

Functional Drawings

  • Major Components - View Document
    Describes the High Rail Gantry Waterjet Cutting System Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual
  • Z Packages - View Document
    Every high rail motion control system includes a Z package. A Z package includes the zaxis, one or more cutting heads and other components as needed. The Z package can also include a spreader bar and subz assemblies. Every Z package is identified with a four or five digit number. Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual
  • Electronic Control - View Document
    Voltage options allow the high rail motion control system to be configured for the local voltage requirements. Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual
  • Ultra-High Pressure Water - View Document
    Ultra-High pressure (UHP) water from an optional intensifier pump is input to the high pressure arm assembly. The UHP water is distributed to the cutting tools through stainless steel tubing rated for ultra-high pressure (60,000 psi/4,100 bar). Control valves allow the water to each tool to be turned on or off manually. Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual
  • Tool Movement - View Document
    Tool movement is accomplished using servo motors and ball screws (also called lead screws) in the cross beam, side beams, and z-axis assembly. These assemblies operate all in a similar fashion and they are all assembled together to produce the three planes of movement (x, y, and z-axes) of the high rail motion control system. Each axis has overtravel switches to signal the control system when an axis exceeds the work envelope. Home switches define a known starting position to calibrate the control system. A ball screw is turned by a direct-coupled servomotor. Ball nut assemblies contain ball bearings that maintain the contact between the ball screw and the ball nut assemblies. The ball screw drives the ball nuts which move a carriage assembly along the axis. Linear bearings support the carriage and slide on linear way tracks. The carriage assembly is the mounting point for each beam assembly. Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual
  • Mounting Tools - View Document
    Cutting tools (such as the waterjets and abrasivejets) are attached to the Zaxis assembly. Optional Z-packages offer a variety of configurations that specify the number of cutting tools, sub-z assemblies, and spreader bar length. Source: Jet Edge High Rail Gantry manual

Product Specifications